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B&W type 5500

spacious and handy outdoor case

Product Number: 5500/B

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Interior design: 

  • 30 years warranty*
  • stackable and super stable
  • dust and waterproof type 5500 - the spacious and handy outdoor case

B&W type 5500

Versatile interior

With optional foam lining and/or variable divider system

Versatile interior

Extremely spacious

The type 5500 offers plenty of storage space for any equipment

Extremely spacious

Exceptionally handy

Three rubberized handles for carrying variation

Exceptionally handy

The type 5500 offers extreme convenience and tons of space

In the type 5500, any equipment can be transported anywhere safely. This outdoor case is extremely spacious and its three rubberized, ergonomic handles make it absolutely handy. Sensitive equipment such as cameras and rechargeable batteries are fully protected in the type 5500. The shell is made of ultra sturdy polypropylene and can withstand even extreme forces, such as from impacts or falls. It is also rated IP67 dustproof and waterproof, and can even handle extreme temperatures. The built-in automatic air pressure equalization valve allows the case to even be taken on flights.

All features at a glance

  • Exceptionally handy with three rubberized handles
  • UN Certificate of Approval possible on request
  • Extremely spacious
  • Ultra sturdy case: shell made of polypropylene (PP)
  • Certified under STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41, and ATA 300
  • Stackable 
  • Dustproof and waterproof (IP67 rating)
  • Temperature-stable from -30 °C to 80 °C
  • Airworthy: automatic air pressure equalization valve
  • Two eyelets for padlock (Ø 7 mm)
  • Inner dimensions: 430 x 300 x 300 mm | 16.9 x 11.8 x 11.8 inch
  • Outer dimensions: 495 x 365 x 315 mm | 19.5 x 14.4 x 12.4 inch
  • Weight: 4.0 Kg | 8,81 Ib
  • Volume: 37.9 L
  • Optional lift-off hinge for a removable lid
  • Extensive interior options: empty, with cube foam and egg foam in the lid and/or with variable divider system
  • Optional backpack system
  • Mounting frame
  • Optional lid pouch
  • Optional mesh pocket
  • 30-year warranty
  • Available in two colors: black, bronze green and yellow

3D view

The case in detail.

Extremely versatile with backpack system and air pressure equalization valve

A clever backpack system means the type 5500 is always with you, even on extended tours over mountains, across plains, or through valleys. In addition to the shoulder straps, the backpack system has an additional handle, ergonomic padding, and a hip belt. This allows it to be personalized for maximum carrying comfort at all times. As a backpack case, the type 5500 can also be taken on flights: The built-in air pressure equalization valve automatically offsets a change in pressure, dependably protecting both shell and contents. For quick access, the lid can be completely removed thanks to lift-off hinges.

Top quality and maximum security

We at B&W believe in the high quality of our cases, which is why the type 5500 also comes with a 30-year warranty. This outdoor case is certified under STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41, and ATA 300, and is also rated IP67 dustproof and waterproof. The ultra rugged polypropylene shell protects your contents in any situation. Even extreme temperatures from -30 °C to 80 °C are no problem for the type 5500. For those wanting even more security, the included eyelets can be used to attach an optional padlock.

Perfect protection and organization thanks to extensive interior options

The type 5500 has a variety of interior options to suit your need and purpose. It is available empty, with a removable, precut pick-and-pluck foam insert in the main compartment and egg crate foam under the lid, or with a removable, padded divider system for the main compartment and egg crate foam to pad the underside of the lid. This outdoor case comes in black or yellow.

two eyelets for padlocks (Ø 0.3 inch)
waterproof (IP67 certified)
30-year warranty
extremely robust
rubberized handle
easy-open locks
temperature stable

A (A1): 19.49 inch / 495mm

B: 14.37 inch / 365mm

C: 12.4 inch / 315mm

A (A1) inside: 16.93 inch / 430mm

B inside: 11.81 inch / 300mm

C inside: 11.81 inch / 300mm

D (lid) inside: 1.77 inch / 45mm

E (bottom) inside: 10.04 inch / 255mm

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