B&W aluminum divider system

patented system for customizing your case’s main compartment

Product Number: 109.47

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  • durable materials
  • well thought-out application possibilities
  • high-quality processing

B&W aluminum divider system - the patented system for customizing your case’s main compartment

B&W aluminum divider system

Made of rigid aluminum

High-quality aluminum sporting an elegant design and outstanding stability

Made of rigid aluminum

Custom-fit use

The custom-fit aluminum dividers can be used and fixed in place as needed.

Custom-fit use

Slim and ultra light

For efficient main compartment utilization without excessive weight

Slim and ultra light

Innovative aluminum dividers for maximum organization in B&W tool.cases

These novel aluminum dividers developed exclusively by B&W provide organization in your tool case with their sturdiness and ultra light weight. The dividers come in different lengths can be used individually, and inserted exactly in the designated slots inside the main compartment using the end and middle caps. The rigid aluminum allows even heavy tools to be transported without the dividers shifting or bending.

All features at a glance

  • Divider system made of rigid aluminum
  • Ultra light
  • Very slim
  • Exclusively from B&W
  • With additional fixtures for securing inside the main compartment
  • In two different heights: 60 mm and 70 mm
  • Available in two accessory sets:
    • Set 3: 2 dividers with four end and two middle caps for use in the tool.cases base, shark, JET 3000, and JET 5000
    • Set 4: 3 dividers with six end and four middle caps for use in the tool.cases flex, go, rhino, JET 6000, JUMBO 6600, and JUMBO 6700

Innovative: lightweight aluminum dividers for efficient main compartment layouts

The patented aluminum divider system by B&W captivates with its sturdiness, light weight, and very slim shape, which combines organization with efficient main compartment utilization. The dividers are lightweight and slim, allowing even small compartments for optimal transport of smaller tool parts or materials. Compared to conventional fiber-reinforced plastic divider systems, the B&W aluminum dividers are considerably thinner, taking up as little space as possible in the main compartment.

Also available in two accessory sets

All B&W tool cases come with the patented aluminum dividers. For additional compartments and even more organization, the systems are available in two accessory sets: Set 3 consisting of four dividers, two middle caps, and four end caps; and Set 4 consisting of seven dividers, four middle caps, and seven end caps.

For more organization in a wide variety of B&W tool.cases

The aluminum divider systems can be used in numerous B&W tool cases. Set 3 is particularly suited for the tool.cases base, shark, JET 3000, and JET 5000. Set 4 is suited for the models flex, go, rhino, JET 6000, JUMBO 6600, and JUMBO 6700.

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