B&W LOOP-KIT tool board go

the practical tool board set for the B&W tool.case go

Product Number: 4800154

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  • durable materials
  • well thought-out application possibilities
  • high-quality processing

go loop kit: the practical tool board set for the B&W tool.case go

B&W LOOP-KIT tool board go

Quick, customized stowing of any kind of tool

The elastic tool loops in the go loop kit accommodate any tool of any size

Quick, customized stowing of any kind of tool

Diverse storage options

The tool boards have a total of 76 elastic loops on the front and back for diverse storage options

Diverse storage options

Space-saving, easy transport

Every corner of the B&W tool case is optimally used

Space-saving, easy transport

Quick, practical organization in your tool.case go with the go loop kit tool board set

To put an end to the disarray in your tool case and be sure to always find the right tool right away: The go loop kit creates a custom organizational system. Every tool in our go loop kit has its place and is ready for use at all times. The kit's tool board for the lid and cover board for the main compartment of the tool case create an effective system. Both tool boards have strong elastic loops through which any tool can be quickly and easily inserted.

All features at a glance

  • Perfect size for the tool.case go tool case
  • Made of durable plastic
  • 76 elastic loops total in various sizes
  • Lightweight, liquid-repellent, long-lasting
  • Two tool boards: one for the lid, one for the main compartment
  • Velcro strips make installation a breeze
  • Other interior combinations possible
  • Finger loop for easy lifting
  • Color: black

Portable, handy, and uniquely combinable

These tool boards create order and organization in the B&W go tool case. They are simple to remove and the sturdy Velcro allows them to quickly be put back in the B&W go tool case. The portable tool boards can also be combined with other B&W accessories, such as a document pouch for under the lid. The go loop kit has the perfect solution for any tool and its specific storage.

Easy tool transport and good quality with corrosion protection guaranteed

The tool boards in the go loop kit offer an especially easy way to transport tools. The rugged plastic material resists water stains and dirt, protecting the tools inside. The honeycomb structure of the material also prevents scratching on the tool boards and protects against heavy wear. With their excellent quality, the tool boards are very long-lasting and maintain their modern design and attractive look at all times.

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