B&W POCKET-KIT tool board base

organized tool case pockets by B&W

Product Number: 4800147

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  • durable materials
  • well thought-out application possibilities
  • high-quality processing

Our base pocket kit: organized tool case pockets by B&W

B&W POCKET-KIT tool board base

Sturdy and handy

Made of tear-resistant, durable ABS plastic

Sturdy and handy

Easy installation

Velcro for ease of use

Easy installation

Pockets on front and back

Plenty of room for tools of various sizes and shapes

Pockets on front and back

The base pocket kit: removable tool boards for the B&W tool.case base

The removable tool boards in the base pocket kit are ideal for customizing the B&W tool.case base to suit your specific needs. 22 tool pockets in various sizes and an A4 document pouch keep your essential tools ready for everyday use while providing a comprehensive overview. Durable ABS plastic guarantees not only maximum protection for the tools inside but also long-term usability of the tool.case base's interior. The base pocket kit also comes with Velcro straps for quick and easy use, and can be mounted under the lid with a safety stray and fastener.

All features at a glance

  • Designed to fit the tool.case base
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • 22 pockets and one A4 document pouch
  • Velcro for easy attaching
  • Tool pockets on front and back
  • Tool pockets in various sizes
  • Can be combined with other interior accessories
  • Strap with fastener for mounting under case lid
  • Color: black with blue stitching

B&W case tool pockets perfectly sized to keep tools secure

To prevent essential tools and materials from sliding around and getting mixed up, even on longer tips, the case tool pockets in our base pocket kit offer maximum security for tools in a wide range of sizes. The tool boards can be flipped up and down as needed for a quick overview of the case's contents.

Practical B&W tool.case base accessories for a flexible interior

With practical B&W tool.case base accessories, the interior of your tool case can be customized with ease. Whether the solid tool pockets made of durable ABS plastic in the base pocket kit, elastic tool loops in the base loop kit for uncommonly sized tools, or the modular tool pocket system in our base module kit—with us, you can find the right tool board to suit any need for worry-free, secure, user-friendly tool transport.

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