Backpack System (BPS) for B&W outdoor.cases type 3000 & 4000

practical backpack system for outdoor case types 3000, 4000

Product Number: BPS S-1

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  • individually combinable
  • high quality material
  • durable & robust Backpack System - the practical backpack system for outdoor case types 3000, 4000

Backpack System (BPS) for B&W outdoor.cases type 3000 & 4000

With chest strap and hip belt

For optimal securing and maximum carrying comfort

With chest strap and hip belt

Ergonomic padding

Facilitates comfortable carrying even over longer distances and when the outdoor case is fully loaded

Ergonomic padding

Ultra sturdy

Made of durable nylon fabric

Ultra sturdy

The B&W backpack system: The ideal addition to the comfortable carrying of 

We have put our tried and tested rucksack system to the test and discovered that it can be even better! - Even more in terms of functionality and ergonomics. 

The new BPS.S-1 system impresses with comfortable padding, a weight-balancing seat in the back and a size-adjustable chest strap. The system is rounded off by an attractive design. Due to the fixed mounting by means of screws and hooks on the sides of the case, access to the outdoor case is not blocked and can be opened easily at any time.

All features at a glance

  • Ultra durable backpack system for types 3000, 4000
  • Length-adjustable straps
  • Length-adjustable flexible holder
  • Additional handle on the Backpack.System (BPS)
  • Ergonomic padding
  • Hip belt
  • Can support up to 25 kg
  • Firmly secured with screws and snap-fits
  • Accessories: 2x screw a: M5 x 38 2x screw b: M5 x 50 2x drilling template
  • Requires: B&W 3000, 4000, Drill (Size 5) Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Color: black



To attach the backpack system to the case, holes for the screws must first be drilled in the side ribs of the case. Suitable drilling templates and screws are included in the delivery.

Hook-and-loop fasteners

After the screws have been fixed to the case, the hook-and-loopfastener is loosened, the 4 hooks are fixed to the screw and the hook-and-loopfastener is pulled tight.

The shown is not included in the delivery.

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