type 3000 GoPro 9/10/11/12 | transport case

safe transport for the GoPro 9/10/11 & accessories

Product Number: 3000/O/GoPro9

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  • perfectly matched foam inlays
  • safe storage
  • dust and waterproof case

type 3000 GoPro 9/10/11/12 - outdoor.case for the GoPro 9/10/11/12 & accessories

type 3000 GoPro 9/10/11/12 | transport case

convoluted foam in the lid

safe protection for your equipment

convoluted foam in the lid

Inlay for three GoPro 9/10/11 & accessories

3x GoPro (1x of which with waterproof housing), waterproof swim handle, dual battery charger, batteries, SD cards and a universal compartment. Additional universal compartments in second layer.

 Inlay for three GoPro 9/10/11 & accessories

clever case solution

up to 2 batteries can be charged directly in the case

clever case solution

THE case for your GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12 Actioncams + accessories! Thanks to its size and the two custom foam layers it provides enough space for up to three GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12 and the necessary accessories: GoPro Media MOD, waterproof housing, up to 7 batteries, the dual battery charger, up to 8 microSD memory cards, floating hand grip, mounting brackets, cables and much more. A spares compartment (195 x 60 x 60 mm) in first layer and 3 spares compartments (2 compartments each 145x 90 x 33 mm / 1 compartment 305 x 105 x 33 mm) in second layer offers space for additional accessories and it is possible to charge two batteries directly in the case.

All features at a glance

  • Extremely stable case: shell made of polypropylene (PP)
  • Stackable
  • Dustproof
  • Temperature-stable
  • Waterproof (IP67 rating)
  • Airworthy: automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Egg crate foam under lid
  • Eyelets for padlock
  • Inner dimensions: 330 x 235 x 150 mm | 13.0 x 9.3 x 5.9 inch
  • Outer dimensions: 365 x 295 x 170 mm | 14.4 x 11.6 x 6.7 inch
  • Weight: 1,9 kg | 4,18 Ib
  • Volume: 11.7 L
  • Available in three colors: black, yellow, orange
  • Optional accesssoires: shoulder strap, lid pocket, mesh bag, wall mount
  • 30-year warranty

GoPro and accessories are not included in the delivery

two eyelets for padlocks (Ø 0.3 inch)
waterproof (IP67 certified)
30-year warranty
extremely robust
rubberized handle
easy-open locks
temperature stable

A (A1): 14.37 inch / 365mm

B: 11.61 inch / 295mm

C: 6.69 inch / 170mm

A (A1) inside: 12.99 inch / 330mm

B inside: 9.25 inch / 235mm

C inside: 5.91 inch / 150mm

D (lid) inside: 1.57 inch / 40mm

E (bottom) inside: 4.33 inch / 110mm

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